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Heroic Weapons

Atlantis SpearAtlantis Spear
STR + 32, MAG + 32
Ariel’s default weapon, or rather the weapon she arrives with at the final fortress. It is balanced between strength and magic and also raises Crit Rate by a bit. Nothing spectacular compared to the legendary weapons, but a good start.
Arena GreatswordArena Greatsword
STR + 64
Billie’s arrive-with weapon. Its name implies that she has once been a successful participanet in some arena, a staple of JRPGs.
Omega StaffOmega Staff
MAG + 64
The weapon Celsia starts with. There have been an Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Sigma Staff as well. Yeah, I just made that up, it’s not mentioned anywhere in the game. But why wouldn’t there?

Legendary Weapons

STR + 64, MAG + 64
Allows for fast attacks that may also stagger — convenient! Damage against bosses is also raised. Don’t waste this bonus by attacking the small(er) fry. The lance comes with the skill ‘Valkyrie’, which staggers guaranteed and deals more damage if the enemy has high HP.
Hydra SlayerHydra Slayer
STR + 192
As the name would suggest, the Hydra Slayer deals more damage against dragons. But even when not fighting one, this weapon lets you attack thrice, which not only deals a ton of damage, but also generates EP.
Polar EclipsePolar Eclipse
MAG + 192
That’s not a typo, this weapon is just super cool and grim. It replaces your normal attack with an ice spell and lets you attack with ‘Spectral Hammer’, a heavy, but slow attack that deals a lot of damage to mage-type enemies with low DEF.
ATK + 96
It’s actually a bow made of a branch from the norse world tree, but item names can’t have that many characters. If at high EP at the end of a turn, this thing becomes enchanted, turning any arrow fired with it into a poisonous projectile. Poison itself is just your regular damage-over-time effect, but the skill ‘Aim for the Soul’ deals massive bonus damage to poisoned enemies.
ATK + 96, DEF − 48, MAG + 96, RES − 48
A weapon very strong on the offense. It may instantly kill minions. To make up for the decrease in defensive capabilities, ts skill, ‘Vampyric Kiss’, deals dark damage to an enemy and drains 25% of the damage dealt as HP.