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Equipment Skills

EP: 20
A very versatile skill from the Highlance enabling combos based on Stagger. Attacks fast and staggers. Deals more damage if the enemy has high HP. May trigger a follow-up attack.
EP: 20
Hydra Slayer skill. Attacks multiple times with random targets. Deals more damage if the user has taken damage. Crits stagger.
Spectral HammerSpectral Hammer
EP: 20
Equip the Polar Eclipse staff to use this skill. Attacks with heavy damage based on MAG. Slow.
Aim for the SoulAim for the Soul
EP: 20
The skill a legendary bow provides. Deals ranged damage based on MAG. Deals more damage to poisoned targets. Crits deal even more damage.
Vampyric KissVampyric Kiss
EP: 20
A legendary scythe enables you to use this powerful skill. Deals dark damage and drains some HP. Deals more damage if the enemy has low HP.
Starlight AttackStarlight Attack
EP: 20
Secret skill. Attacks and staggers all enemies. Deals more damage to non-bosses.
EP: 20
The skill enables by holding the Cerulean Mirror shield. Deals holy damage to all enemies thrice. Grants 5 EP per hit on an enemy weak to holy. Crits blind.
Flame JugglerFlame Juggler
EP: 20
Legendary gloves enable throwing fire balls like an Italian plumber. Deals fire damage based on STR to multiple targets. Crits burn.
Arcane FrostArcane Frost
EP: 20
Deals ice damage to 3 random targets with a high-EP damage bonus. Crits cool. No idea what’s arcane about it, though. Are all wizardly things considered a little arcane?
Tar TrapTar Trap
EP: 20
Another tool from the Ranger’s Handbag. (A ranger should always know where their handbag is.) May trigger at the end of a turn, which deals anti-heavy damage to all enemies and tars. Slow.
HP: 250
A skill that costs HP instead of EP. (Welcome to the dark side!) Deals dark damage to all enemies. Deals more damage if the enemy has low HP. Crits generate EP.
Plasma BeamPlasma Beam
EP: 20
Deals neutral damage and removes buffs. Deals more damage to staggered enemies. Um, does anyone know what plasma actually is?
Raises Attack Times, BAR and EVA of all heroines. A very versatile skill you — and your opponents — should not underestimate.
Haughty GrinHaughty Grin
The user taunts and counters attacks. You can grin haughtily just so, of course, but this skill grants it some magical properties or something.
Northern LightsNorthern Lights
Raises elemental damage dealt and healing received. You may want to try really nailing the theme by using a certain snow-storm skill with Northern Lights. Should be pretty effective …
Raises elemental damage taken. Also doubles ranged damage taken for beasts and dragons. Obviously, this makes dealing with beasts and dragons a lot easier, but even in other encounters, this is very useful.
Underworldly PowerUnderworldly Power
Raises MAG and Crit Rate, but degenerates HP. At the end of a turn, attacks staggered enemies. Who says legendary heroines can’t dip their feet in the devil’s water every once in a little while? (Get the reference? Great song!)
Raises Action Times until the end of next turn. Slow. Well, two actions in a turn is nothing to sneeze at, as the expression goes.
Soothing SphereSoothing Breeze
Removes debuffs. Regenerates HP until taking damage or for a number of turns. Taking damage can’t be entirely avoided, but maybe someone else could take a hit or two instead of your most injured heroine?
Liquid-Metal SkinLiquid-Metal Skin
Raises the user’s DEF and BAR, but slows. Ever tried a full-blown taunt strategy? Might be fun!
Ethereal ChantEtheral Chant
Generates 25 EP for all heroines and raises MAG and BAR. May not seem that flashy, but remember that this is practically a 25% damage boost.
Pixy RoundelPixy Roundel
Berserks. Raises STR, but lowers DEF and BAR. Best used on a character who attacks a lot anyway. So let’s distract Billie with some pixies, shall we, and watch the boss’s HP go down like nothing.
Lily SigilLily Sigil
Lowers EP and seals attacks. Instead of generating EP, the enemy degenerates EP. This will become a lot more useful later in the game, trust me.
Enigma FieldEnigma Field
Raises Critical Hit Rate and Evasion Rate of all heroines. Feeling lucky today? Well, feel even luckier with this buff active!


Gracious NovaGracious Nova
EP: 100
Fully restores HP of all heroines and removes debuffs. Don’t use this too hastily. Wait for the perfect time to make the most out of it.
EP: 100
Deals fire damage and staggers. Certain hit. Slow. Deals massive damage when combined with any damage-increasing effect.
EP: 100
Deals ice damage to all enemies a number of times. Deals more damage to floating enemies. Certain hit. Great against a large number of enemies. But also not bad against a single one.
Pulse SurrealPulse Surreal
EP: 100
Generates EP for all other heroines and raises EP Generation at the end of a turn. This is arguably a little imbalanced, but it’s kinda supposed to be.

Inspire Skills: Celsia

EP: 20
Deals fire damage and burns. Pretty straight-forward JRPG skill, huh?
EP: 20
Deals ice damage and cools (doubles melee damage taken). The ice equivalent of ‘Flame’. It also raises the damage the inflicted enemy takes, but in another way.
EP: 20
Deals holy damage and blinds. A more defensive option as far as the status effect is concerned. Doesn’t help much against mage-type enemies, though.
EP: 20
Deals dark damage and hazes (lowers MAG). I don’t know what kind of shade is summoned here, but it might very well be one of those cute little fellows from the House of Hades rushing to aid you. Who knows!

Inspire Skills: Billie

EP: 20
Deals melee damage to an enemy. There’s not much else to say about this skill. It just hits an enemy and deals 600% damage.
EP: 20
Deals melee damage to all enemies. 300% to be precise, which isn’t bad. Billie’s ‘inspirations’ may not be the most brilliant ones – hitting one enemy or all of them seems rather natural –, but they get the job done.

Inspire Skills: Ariel

EP: 20
Restores HP based on the target’s EP and removes debuffs. Please note that some bosses may also use this skill, making EP denial/burning even more important.
EP: 0
Taunts and raises Evasion Rate. Ariel, being the character with the HP-regen passive, can be used as a tank (a character who draws the attention of the enemies and takes damage for weaker allies) quite effectively.
EP: 0
Raises STR, MAG and Attack Times, but also EP Costs. Perfect for characters whose damage output is very high even without a finisher. There’s that sword, for example …
EP: 0
Lowers STR and DEF. Sometimes, a simple spell will do.
EP: 0
Lowers MAG and BAR. It’s a funny word, ‘baffle’, isn’t it?

To be continued.