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Celestial TeaCelestial Tea
HP + 100%
Fully restores a heroine’s HP. You can find multiple of these — three, to be precise —, and each one is refilled after battle.
One of the tools from the Ranger’s Handbag. Use it to attack an enemy from a distance. The wrench deals heavy damage (900%!) and stuns. Quite handy.
Reveals an enemy’s weak points, lowering its DEF and BAR. Unlike Celestial Teas, which refill after battle, these tools disappear after battle.
Smoke WaterSmoke Water
A strange liquid that, once splashed onto the ground, creates an illusive vapour, raising the Evasion Rate of all heroines by 40% for 2 turns.
Emerald VialEmerald Vial
Max HP + 500
There are no level-ups in LV99: Final Fortress, but you can still raise the heroine’s stats, even max HP. Vials are pretty rare, though.
Rose VialRose Vial
Max EP + 25
If raising HP is a thing, raising EP should be a thing too. And it is. Rose Vials are just as rare as Emerald Vials, so use them carefully. There’s no respec option in the game.
Great PotionGreat Potion
HP + 100%
This is a Great Potion Game, so what was I thinking not including a Great Potion from the beginning? This is basically an additional Tea, except it’s gone for good once you’ve used it. Best keep it until you absolutely need it. For example, there’s this thing called the final boss …
Crystal of LifeCrystal of Life
Revive (100% HP)
An auto-revive item. As with the Great Potions, try not to make use of it too early.
Ether GrapesEther Grapes
EP + 100
Another actual consumable that you should keep for a moment of despair. Please note, though, that the game is beatable without any of the last three items listed here, so don’t worry too much.

Effect Items

Stygian ShellStygian Shell
Slightly weakens the effect of disheartenment after a heroine has fallen. With this shell, the chances of a comeback increase quite a lot. Its effect is active as soon as you obtain the item.
Ether GlobesEther Globe
Bosses generate less EP. With some more defensive character builds, it was difficult to survive at later turns without burning the boss’s EP. With the Ether Globe, you may not need to do that and deploy a different strategy.
Slightly weakens the enrage effect of bosses. This works well in combination with the Ether Globes, granting you more survivability with character builds that try to outlast a boss.