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Heroic Off-Hand

Mythril ShieldMythril Shield
DEF + 32, BAR + 32
A shield made of mythril, the mystical metal that is super sturdy, but also super light. Perfect combination. Ariel has received this shield from a green-haired woman in a toga.
Champion's GlovesChampion’s Gloves
ATK + 32
Gloves made for a dragon-slaying princess from the northern wilderness. They do look awesome. Too bad this is only a pixel game where you can’t actually see this awesomeness.
Arcane TomeArcane Tome
MAG + 32, BAR + 32
A tome with the most profound wisdom in it. If only one could spread the word. But, alas, there are runes in it that nobody alive can read.

Legendary Off-Hand

Cerulean MirrorCerulean Mirror
DEF + 96, BAR + 96
Reflects holy damage and absorbs dark damage. Prevents Haze. A great shield when fighting specific enemies, but its powerful skill, Radiance, actually makes it a worthwhile addition anywhere else as well.
Comet CatchersComet Catchers
ATK + 64, DEF + 64
If at high EP at the end of a turn, may use Meteor on the boss. Note that this consumes EP to use the finisher skill. Still, not having to waste an action just to near-obliterate the boss is pretty neat.
Science & WisdomScience & Wisdom
BAR + 192
At battle start, generates EP based on BAR. Which is cool, because this thing greatly increases just that stat!
Ranger's HandbagRanger’s Handbag
No Main Stat Bonus
At battle start, adds 3 tools to the inventory. The tools are a wrench, a magnifier and something called Smoke Water. See the items section to learn more about these .
Friar's LanternFriar’s Lantern
MAG + 192
Restores HP and generates EP when an enemy is killed. Best used against bosses with minions, obviously. You should also try using it against some enemies encountered in a side quest later on.

Heroic Headgear

Mythril HelmetMythril Helmet
DEF + 32, BAR + 32
A helmet made of mythril. In the sunlight, a faint blue glint covers this helmet. In the moonlight, a faint green glint does. You can’t see any of this on the sprites, but I’m sure you can imagine it.
Champion's BandeauChampion’s Bandeau
ATK + 32
A bandeau made for the Champion of the Arena. It seems to glow like ember in the right light. This can also not be seen in-game, sorry.
Arcane HatArcane Hat
BAR + 32
A hat embued with magical properties. It also looks pretty cute. Or would, could you see it. Yeah, this headgear-on-sprites thing seems to be worth looking into, I realise.

Legendary Headgear

DEF + 64, BAR + 64
If at high HP at the end of a turn, uses Shine (even with no EP), sometimes twice. Pretty good. But its skill, Pantheon, is probably the real reason you will use this.
Primo VictoriaPrimo Victoria
ATK + 64
At battle start, raises STR, DEF and Crit Rate of all heroines. Its skill allows to you provoke enemies, that is, concentrate enemy attacks on a specific character. Makes healing a lot easier.
Aurora's VeilAurora’s Veil
BAR + 96
If at low EP at the end of a turn, generates EP. Its skill, Northern Lights, raises elemental damage dealt and healing received, which makes this headgear a very versatile piece of equipment.
Griffin-Feather CapGriffin-Feather Cap
BAR + 64
Raises Crit Damage. The interesting part of this headgear is, once again, its skill: Iris. It’s a debuff that raises elemental damage taken. Have you ever tried combining this with Aurora’s Veil and using Blizzard?
Minora's MaskMinora’s Mask
MAG + 96
At battle start, stuns all enemies. So far so good. The skill this headgear grants, Underwordly Power, raises MAG and Crit Rate. Maybe you should try adding this to your Veil-Cap-Blizzard combo?

Heroic Body Armour

Mythril MailMythril Mail
DEF + 64
Ensures high flexibility in combat. Does not raise any agility stat, however, so yeah, the flexibility goes only so far.
Champion's CorsletChampion’s Corslet
ATK + 32, DEF + 32
A mail made from the scales of a giant dragon. At least that is what the blacksmith said. He seemed kind of trustworthy.
Arcane RobeArcane Robe
BAR + 64
An old robe the arch mage typically wears. It does not really fit, but that is not the point of it anyway. It provides a lot of BAR, and if there’s one thing Celsia doesn’t like, it’s getting hit with spells herself.

Legendary Body Armour

White WingsWhite Wings
DEF + 64, BAR + 64
Wings of an angel or something. Can automatically revive the user when K.O.ed, but this effect requires 100 EP. Why not try not dying in the first place by using the skill from this piece of equipment, ‘Soothing Breeze’?
ATK + 192
A sturdy armour that also deals thorn damage to enemies, that is, it deals damage to the attacker when the user is attacked. It must be some kind of magical effect, though, because there are no acual thorns as far as one can tell from the icon.
Galaxy GarmentGalaxy Garment
MAG + 64, BAR + 64
Raises max EP by 25. The user’s skills no longer have any elemental attributes, so you can, for example, use Blizzard against enemies resistant to ice if you really want to.
Fig LeavesFig Leaves
No Main Stat Bonuses
Unsurprisingly, a scanty outfit such as this doesn’t provide any DEF or BAR. Maybe surprisingly, though, it does provide a bonus to the user’s Evasion Rate. Not sure how that works.
Thin AirThin Air
MAG + 96
Apparently, it is possible to wear thin air as armour, and in that case, thin air looks a lot like a black cloak. This thing lowers ranged and nullifies dark damage taken. More importanly, however, it grants its user a skill that can turn the tides in battle by lowering the enemy’s EP.


Emberglow LipstickEmberglow Lipstick
At battle start, generates EP. Raises fire damage dealt and lowers fire damage taken. Nobody knows why wearing red lipstick turns a Meteor into something even more devastating, but that’s essentially how this accessory works.
Heartflower ScentHeartflower Scent
At the end of a turn, converts HP into EP. Raises holy damage dealt and lowers holy damage taken. Who needs health if the battle can be finished in a few turns anyway?
Quivering JewelsQuivering Jewels
At the end of a turn, may generate HP and EP. Raise dark damage dealt and lowers dark damage taken. A chance-based accessory for those who feel lucky.
Tinglesilk PantiesTinglesilk Panties
If the boss is enraged at the end of a turn, generates EP. With this, you generate more EP when you really need to.
Whisperwind SkirtWhisperwind Skirt
If at low EP at the end of a turn, generates EP. Raises ice damage dealt and lowers ice damage taken. For a headstart on your EP generation.
Wolfrider's CreolesWolfrider’s Creoles
If at low HP at the end of a turn, generates EP. If at very low HP, generates more EP. For those who enjoy a risky ‘battle rage’ build.

To be continued next Saturday.