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Fighter Swords

STR + 3
The standard weapon for a Fighter. It doesn’t have any special properties, but it’s certainly better than fighting bare-handed. You can also dual-wield swords, by the way (going without a shield).
STR + 6
The second so-called common or white sword. By the time you get it, you may very well have at least one mystic sword already, but if you don’t (or prefer raw damage over some fancy effect), use this one.
STR + 9
A warrior from the Everwhite mountain once slew his enemies dual-wielding these. You can obtain both of them at the same time, but only if the warrior’s immortal soul judges you wise enough.
Mystic EquipmentMystic Swords
Apart from the common swords listed above, you can also find a few mystic swords. These weapons are a little weaker than their same-tier common variants in terms of raw Strength, but on the other hand, they come with some special properties.
Heroic EquipmentHeroic Swords
Near the end of the game, you can obtain the heroic swords. These are the strongest swords in the game as far as their Strength bonuses are concerned, and they also come with some extremely useful effects.

Tinker Hammers

Tronic HammerTronic Hammer
STR + 12
A hammer made by the Engineer from salvaged Fighter equipment. It can be filled with mana – so you can start using skills that cost Mana Points – and inserted with a robot gear.
Tronic HammerM-Tronic Hammer
STR + 18
An upgraded version of the Tronic Hammer. It contains more mana, enables you to use Shatter II and stuns on critical hits. Make sure to get this weapon as soon as possible!
Tronic HammerG-Tronic Hammer
STR + 24
The strongest weapon in the game, but it takes some dedication to get it. It contains more mana than the previous version, enables you to use Shatter III, stuns on critical hits and deals splash damage.

Robot Cannons

Fire CannonFire Cannon I
STR + 6
The basic fire cannon. It deals, as the name suggests, fire damage, and has a small chance to inflict Burn if the enemy is susceptible to it. It also allows the robot wielding it to use the Fire Shot skill.
Fire CannonFire Cannon II
STR + 12
The enhanced fire cannon. It allows you to use the Fire Shot skill from Fire Cannon I as well as Flare Blast, an upgraded version. You might want to use both fire cannons on a certain board.
Fire CannonFire Cannon III
STR + 18
The ultimate fire cannon. It allows you to use the skills of previous fire cannons plus Inferno, the fire-elemental area-of-effect skill for robots (and Elsa as a Fighter if you wear a special armour).
Ice CannonIce Cannon I
STR + 6
The basic ice cannon. Its skill is the Ice Shot which has a small chance to inflict a cold that weakens the enemy by lowering its primary stats and raising its ice damage taken.
Ice CannonIce Cannon II
STR + 12
The enhanced ice cannon. It comes with the Boreal Beam skill which is guaranteed to inflict a cold on the enemy (if susceptible), making your life much easier from time to time.
Ice CannonIce Cannon III
STR + 18
The ultimate ice cannon. The skill it contains, Absolute, has a chance to inflict a cold on a group of enemies. Unfortunately, this cannon is hidden very well. Can you find it?
Electro CannonElectro Cannon I
STR + 6
The basic electro cannon. This will probably be your weapon of choice if you like disabling your enemies, since its skill can inflict both Stun and Blind.
Electro CannonElectro Cannon II
STR + 12
The enhanced electro cannon. Its skill differs a little from other second-tier elemental skills as it hits all enemies. Had fun with Electro Cannon I, disabling single targets? Gotta love this one!
Electro CannonElectro Cannon III
STR + 18
The ultimate electro cannon. The skill it contains basically works like an upgraded version of Electro Shot, dealing more damage and inflicting Stun and Blind at a 100% chance.