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User: Elsa
Target: herself
Restores some Health Points. Can be found as a hidden item in barrels, boxes and the like, or bought from the merchant.
Great PotionGreat Potion
User: Elsa
Target: herself
Restores way more Health Points than a regular Potion, but is also relatively rare to find.
User: Elsa
Target: herself
Restores not a set amount of Health Points, but a fraction of the maximum Health Points. Worth it only later on.
User: Elsa
Target: herself
Restores a few Health Points and, more importantly, removes all debuffs. These herbs can be found as hidden items quite often.
Repair KitRepair Kit
User: any actor
Target: robot
Restores a robot’s Health Points and removes its debuffs. More effective healing-wise when used as a Tinker.
Mana UnitMana Unit
User: any actor
Target: any Tronic Hammer, robot
Restores all Mana Points. There are only a few of these in the game, but they can be recharged in town as often as you like.
Star CapsuleStar Capsule
User: Elsa
Target: herself
A rare item that raises Critical Hit Rate and Stun on Attack for a number of turns. Turns left carry over from battle to battle!


Oddly-shaped fruits that can grow almost anywhere. Bring these to Linve, the witch apprentice in the Slumberwoods, in order to increase your maximum Health Points. Some Heartberries will grow only later on, so take some time to revisit familiar places every now and then.
Blue CrystalBlue Crystals
The Jeweler who has recently arrived in town seems to be looking for these mysterious gems, even though he doesn’t bother to tell you why. Oh well, what can possibly be wrong about helping a tradesman in distress?
Chest KeyChest Keys
Just as the name suggests, these keys open the locked chests you find scattered around. They can only be used once, but don’t worry, there are always at least as many keys as locked chests accessible at any given time.
These items are needed to craft and upgrade the Tronic Hammer, the weapon Elsa can use as a Tinker. There are three different kinds: Dim Tears, Coruscant Tears and Radiant Tears. You obtain them by salvaging common, mystic or heroic equipment respectively.