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Fighter Shields and Corselets

Wooden ShieldWooden Shield
DEF + 3, Block Rate + 9 %
The basic shield in the game offering a little bit of additional protection. As you may already assume, it’s not a good idea to use this shield against enemies which can deal fire damage.
DEF + 6, Block Rate + 18 %
A shield that offers higher Defence than its wooden predecessor plus some Physical Resistance, but also, being made of iron, raises electro damage taken. Be careful!
DEF + 9, Block Rate + 27 %
The best common shield. It doesn’t have any special properties, it just provides the highest Defence boost of its item class. The merchant starts selling this fine piece of smithery eventually.
Mystic EquipmentMystic Shields
Similar to the mystic swords, mystic shields can be found in the golden treasure chests you get to open at the end of a Game board. They’re weaker than the same-level common variants Defence-wise, but offer interesting additional effects to make up for that.
Heroic EquipmentHeroic Shield
Towards the end of the game, you can find a shield of the heroic category as well. Without wanting to tell too much, its unique effect should prove very useful against groups of melee attackers wailing on Elsa.
Hard LeatherHard Leather
DEF + 3, Damage Reduction + 6 %
The standard corselet. It is made from dragon leather and therefore lowers fire damage taken, but raises ice damage taken. There is a particular Game board you do not want to wear this on.
Knight's MailKnight’s Mail
DEF + 6, Damage Reduction + 12 %
The mail of an order knight. Similarly to the Buckler, this piece of equipment lowers physical damage taken, but at the same time, raises electro damage taken.
Metal PerfectionMetal Perfection
DEF + 9, Damage Reduction + 18 %
Best common corselet. A bit tricky to obtain, but well worth it. Lowers physical damage taken like the Knight’s Mail does, but doesn’t make you more susceptible to electro damage. It’s heavier, though.
Mystic EquipmentMystic Corselets
There are mystic armours in the game, too. Their concept is the same as for other pieces of mystic equipment: Lower raw Defence, but interesting special effects instead. For the corselets, these effects partly consist in enabling Elsa to use an additional skill.
Heroic EquipmentHeroic Corselet
With this corselet equipped, you will find yourself at full Health Points more often when fighting enemies that you generally withstand with ease anyway. This effect is mostly an aesthetics-/OCD-related one, I guess, but it’s still an excellent piece of armour.

Tinker Waistcoats

Leather WeskitLeather Waistcoat
Elemental Resistance + 75%, Poison Resistance + 100%
The first waistcoat (or ‘weskit’) you can get Clarissa to weave for you as a Tinker. It protects you from elemental damage and also prevents you from being poisoned.
Sanguine SilkSanguine Silk
Elemental Resistance + 25%, Elemental Debuff Resistance + 50%
The elemental damage resistance may be much lower compared to the Leather Waistcoat, but you gain some protection against elemental debuffs which can be very useful from time to time.
Nocturnal PrayerNocturnal Prayer
Elemental Resistance + 75%, Elemental Debuff Resistance + 50%
The final waistcoat simply combines the advantages of its two predecessors, except for the Poison Resistance. If you don’t care for that, you might as well convert your old rags into Gold. Bonus points if you can figure out what game and character the name refers to. Hint: The game starts with T, the character with E (or M in the German version).


Titan's FistTitan’s Fist
STR + 12.5%, Critical Hit Rate + 12.5%
The first accessory you can find is the Titan’s Fist. It’s an accessory for very offensive players, as it raises both your Strength and your Critical Hit Rate by a bit.
Mountain DewMountain Dew
Debuff Resistance + 50%
The Mountain Dew is a magical aquamarine necklace that lowers the chance of being inflicted with debuffs and thus might lower the level of frustration fighting certain enemies.
Handbag of HealingHandbag of Healing
HP Regeneration + 5%
Tired of using healing skills and items? This magical and fashionable handbag provides some healing over time. It must be traded for valuable Great Potions, though.
Mighty BeltMighty Belt
DEF + 12.5%, Counterattack Rate + 12.5%
The belt of a mighty warrior. Maybe the same one who dual-wielded the Highlander swords? Anyway, it raises Defence and Counterattack Rate and works very well in combination with the Titan’s Fist.
TMP + 10
Boots that make you hover a few centimetres above the ground, thus boosting your speed. You’ll be able to hit enemies much easier and evade their attacks more often, especially against slow ones.
Adventure RingAdventure Ring
EXP + 50%, Gold and Item Drop Rates x 2
There are two of these magical rings that make an adventurer’s life much easier. Reaching max Level and farming for Gold and items should be a walk in the park if you put on the Adventure Rings.
Linve's HatLinve’s Hat
MMP + 5
At some point in the game, Linve will have left the Slumberwoods. You can find and equip her magical cone-shaped hat which raises your Maximum Mana Points.
Blobby DropsBlobby Drops
Elemental Resistance + 75%, Elemental Debuff Resistance + 50%
Made from the Original Jelly’s remains, a creature defeated by the adepts of the desert many centuries ago. The earrings used to be stronger in the past, but still offer a reasonable Health Points boost.
Rainbow RibbonRainbow Ribbon
All accessory effects
The ultimate accessory which you *might* get your hands on after obtaining all the other ones. It has all of their properties and can also be combined with one of them, thus doubling that particular effect.

Robot Gear

GearMoon Crusher
Hit Rate − 12.5%
A gear that is rather hard to find. Its skill is the most powerful attack in the game, but tends to miss the target. In addition to that, the gear itself lowers your Hit Rate in general.
GearRocket Rage
Counterattack Rate + 12.5%
A gear you get your hands on much earlier as a Tinker. Not only does it provide you with a skill that deals decent damage to all enemies, it also raises your critical hit rate a bit.
GearVampyric Field
STR + 25%
This gear raises your Strength, which is quite useful in regard of its skill: As Vampiric Field heals you by absorbing the damage dealt, you surely want this damage to be as high as possible.
GearFirst Aid
MMP + 5
Maybe the most important gear in the game, providing you with the basic healing spell. There’s only a set amount of these in the game, and you should definitely try to find them all.
GearSoothing Sphere
MHP + 15
This useful gear raises your maximum Health Points, so if not for the skill – which, due to its nature, you really don’t need twice for the most part –, you still might want to equip it for the bonus.
STR, DEF, TMP + 12.5%
This gear is a little bit of an allrounder, providing you with decent Strength, Defence and Tempo bonuses. Too bad there’s only one Revitalise gear in the game, right?
DEF + 25%
This gear enables you to give your enemies a really hard time. You might also want to use this just to raise your DEF. Especially Brutus, you will find, could often use some more.
GearAura Barrier
Elemental Resistance + 15%
This gear is perfect to protect against elemental damage as it provides you with an elemental resistance by itself which can be further extended by the Aura Barrier skill.
GearCorrosive Glue
Normal Attack TMP + 10
The skill of this gear damages the enemy and lowers its Tempo. Correspondingly, this gear raises the speed at which you perform standard attacks, sometimes giving you a crucial tempo advantage.
GearFilthy Glue
TMP + 25%
This gear has been designed to protect you against a group of enemies by weakening them indirectly. At the same time, it provides you with a Tempo buff to evade one attack or the other.
GearLeaden Glue
Evasion + 6.25%
As the Leaden Glue skill lowers your enemies‘ Tempo by quite a bit, the gear only provides you with an evasion bonus instead of a full Tempo bonus due to balancing considerations.
GearShut-Eye Gas
Sleep on Attack + 25%
With this gear equipped, you sometimes put enemies to sleep by simply normal-attacking them. This works very well in combination with Rocket Rage, as it inherits all normal attack effects.
GearTime Strain
Normal Attack Times + 1
Can only be equipped with the G-Tronic Hammer. It generally allows you to perform more of your selected actions, be it specific robot actions or Elsa’s normal attack.