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ATK + 3
Like every good RPG, this one starts with a basic sword too.
ATK + 6
There are two of these in the game. Can you guess their names? I’m sure you can.
Wildsilver BladeWildsilver Blade
ATK + 9
It’s silver and it’s a blade. Wielding it wildly is your job.
ATK + 3
Raises Blind Attack Rate by 25% and prevents Bleed. If you don’t know why, read up on the mythology.
ATK + 3
Raises Confuse Attack Rate by 50%. Spread the madness amongst your enemies and turn them into allies, sort of.
Time CleaverTime Cleaver
ATK + 6
Raises Attack Speed by 12. Slay your enemies before they know what’s going on.
ATK + 6
Raises Bleed Attack Rate by 50%. You may be disappointed, but this is as brutal as the game gets. The icon does look rather bloody, though, doesn’t it?
ATK + 9
Raises K.O. Attack Rate by 37.5% and deals dark damage. Join the dark side!
Angel's FeatherAngel’s Feather
ATK + 9
Raises HP Regeneration by 7.5% and deals holy damage.


Lucifer's GlaiveLucifer’s Glaive
ATK + 6
Pikes are designed to deal massive damage to certain enemies. This glaive deals quintuple damage to Gloomers, because depending on your playstyle, you may fight those a lot.
Windfaerie SpearWindfaerie Spear
ATK + 6, Floating Enemy EXP + 6
Floating enemies have a 15% chance to evade your melee attacks. That can be annoying, especially for the Fighter class. This spear lets you take revenge for all the misses.
Jousting LanceJousting Lance
ATK + 6
If you’re the type of player who absolutely dislikes occasionally encountering Elite enemies, this lance is for you. It deals 500%(!) damage to them.


Wooden HammerWooden Hammer
ATK + 6
One thing that made Game Master difficult early on was the lack of a basic Tinker weapon. Back in the days, I thought I could get away with it. In Game Master Plus, a ‘wooden hammer’, as it was called, is actually included — and called exactly that.
Tronic HammerTronic Hammer
ATK + 12/18/24, Max MP + 6/9/12
The Tronic Hammer is back too, of course. Once again, it can be upgraded twice with some material gained from salvaging the Fighter equipment you stumble upon all the time.


ATK + 6/12/18
Spellblades actually use swords, sometimes daggers (there are none in this game). Only one of them whodecided to wield an ancient axe instead, and that is Lasse, the crown prince of Gardeth, Kingdom of Spring, a monster-infested place located on the mainland. If you have chosen the Fighter class for Elsa, Lasse will join her — equipped with his mighty, but still upgradable axe.


Fire CannonsFire Cannons
ATK + 6/12/18
There are three tiers of the primary-elemental cannons: I, II and III.
Ice CannonsIce Cannons
ATK + 6/12/18
Tier I enables you to use the respective Shot skill, tier II the Blast skill and tier III the ultimate skill.
Electro CannonsElectro Cannons
ATK + 6/12/18
Tiered versions of cannons instead of upgrades allow you to equip multiple cannons of the same element when needed.
Bio CannonBio Cannon
ATK + 6/12/18
Secondary-elemental cannons only exist in one version which is basically the tear-III one, except the number isn’t explicate in the item name.
Dark CannonDark Cannon
ATK + 6/12/18
Like primary-elemental tier-III cannons, the secondary-elemental ones contain all three cannon skills of the respective element.
Holy CannonHoly Cannon
ATK + 6/12/18
You can only find secondary-elemental cannons in Tinker class chests.
Omega CannonOmega Cannon
ATK + 24
Deals neutral damage. This is the strongest cannon statwise, but it doesn’t enable any skills. When you find yourself using gear attacks most of the time, you should probably use this cannon to maximise your damage output.