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First Expansion (Version 2.1)

After beating the Game and saving the world from a vengeful spirit, Elsa’s quest is not over yet. If you manage to collect enough of a certain item, things happen in Home.

Home in the Rain
Home in the rain. Quite the atmosphere. (Especially with the music.)

You will find out that things are not exactly what they are supposed to be. The rain sequence, as it may be called, turns out to be a regular nightmare. With no escape.

Another Dimension
A peculiar place. Reached in a peculiar way.

There can be no expansion with a new area and a new boss, though. And that is exactly what you will find.

Boss Battle
Speaking profoundly. Looking weird. Testing your skills once more. This boss ticks all the boxes.

And that’s it for the first expansion.

However, there are probably a lot of things you have not found yet in the regular game. Shall we have a look?

Have you seen these Places?

These are locations that you don’t have to visit if you want to complete the main quest. It’s highly recommended to search for them, though, since a number of powerful items and upgrades can be found there.

How many of these places have you seen in your playthrough? Maybe it’s time to give it another go (with another class?) and see if you can 100% the game?

By the way, there is actually one more place to find (but it’s difficult). You must have seen a screenshot of it already and wondered what it was. Well … let me give you a hint: Talk to the Priest more often.

Elsa’s hidden Class

Yeah, I am not joking. There is, in fact, a third class that can be chosen for Elsa. It does not even have to be unlocked, but there is a little trick you can do in the class selection right at the beginning of the game. You’ll find out, I’m sure.

The class makes use of enemy loot cards you would normally sell to the Merchant and learns the signature skill of the enemy. You can learn up to 5 enemy skills at once, but you can clear the skill list at any time.

Three weapon types are available to the class. Staves are especially interesting, since they can take various forms with various effects depending on the off-hand item you are using with them.

In addition to off-hand items, the class also has its own armour type, of course, as well as an exclusive accessory that lets Elsa embrace the darkness and transform into her shady self. Which means she can use a number of boss skills. No big deal.

Um … okay …? This was unexpected.

And last but not least, you may find some new challenges on the Game boards. Six different mini bosses can be encountered randomly.

… and a lot more!

There’s a lot more to discover in Game Master Plus. Keep your eyes open!