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User’s HP + 30
Only humans can use it. An RPG without potions is possible, but this one has them.
Great PotionGreat Potion
User’s HP + 75
Only humans can use it. Recent studies reveal that chests seem to turn Potions into Great Potions for true adventurers.
User’s HP + 10%
Doubles Healing received for 3 turns and clears debuffs. Only humans can use it. I’m aware of the fact that the English-speaking world actually calls it ‘Tarragon’, but that doesn’t sound quite as good.
User’s HP to 100%
Only humans can use it. Please note that in the real world, honey exhibits gravely dimished health-restoration effects.
Repair KitRepair Kit
Robot’s HP + 30 (Tinker: 75)
Clears debuffs. The robotic equivalent of a Potion or Great Potion respectively. Rather rare early on, but don’t worry, it’s going into the Merchant’s range eventually.
Mana UnitMana Unit
Robot’s MP to 100%
A very precious healing item. Not in the too-good-to-use category, though, since it can be recharged.
Pearl of WisdomPearl of Wisdom
Lasse’s max MP + 5 and MP to 100%
Yeah, um, spoiler alert! There’s a party member called Lasse. Did you know that spoilers can actually increase your enjoyment of a story?
Crucial CircuitCrucial Circuit
Robot’s max HP + 5
Only Tinker can use it. It’s not actually crucial, but definitely useful.
Extra ContainerExtra Container
Robot’s max MP + 3
Only Tinker can use it. Turn junk into magic!
Steam DriveSteam Drive
Robot’s ATK + 3
Only Tinker can use it. Gives you that little bit of extra damage that sometimes decides over victory or loss.
Premium PlatePremium Plate
Robot’s DEF + 3
Only Tinker can use it. Gives you that little bit of extra toughness that can sometimes be the deciding factor in the outcome of battle.
Gravita FuelGravita Fuel
Robot’s TMP + 3
Only Tinker can use it. Just a few litres of this fuel will turn your laboured robot into a mechanical ninja.
Star CapsuleStar Capsule
Grants the user Zero Mode
Zero Mode is a buff that nullifies MP Costs for 3 turns. Taking a pill to unleash tremendous power? Nothing questionable about that.


Witch apprentice Linve needs 2 of these to brew a healthy soup — so healthy it raises Elsa’s max HP by 5.
Chest KeyChest Keys
One does not simply open a chest! At least not the ones appropriately called ‘locked chests’. A chest key is required. Like all good RPG keys, it breaks after being used.
Blue CrystalBlue Crystals
The Jeweler who has recently arrived in Home seems to be looking for these mysterious gems, even though he doesn’t bother to tell you why. Oh well, what can possibly go wrong helping a tradesman in distress?
Obsidian CubeObsidian Cubes
You can look inside, but not through them. Used by a desert tribe to dust sweet oblivion upon the realms of men.
Hazy EssenceHazy Essences
Basically a trading item. Some ghosts and undead seem to be obsessed with these essences. Others do not.
Black MaterialBlack Material
A crafting material that has been in use for centuries. One might think people would have come up with a more sophisticated name for it at some point, but no.
Twilight IdolTwilight Idols
Small figurines that can be placed on sockets in order to upgrade the Spellblade skills. The placement can be changed at any time, so feel free to experiment.

Effect Items

Ruby DieRuby Die
After clearing a red field, restores HP of all actors by 15. And yeah, the singular is actually ‘die’, guys.
Sapphire DieSapphire Die
After clearing a blue field, restores MP of all actors by 15 instead of 6. Pro tip: Plan ahead to become the mayor of value town! If you know what I mean.
Emerald DieEmerald Die
After clearing a green field, all actors receive 24 EXP. Since EXP are going to be useless eventually, you may want to get this item as early as possible. Pro tip, though: Only the Fighter class may require some grinding for the last few levels.
Crash CymbalCrash Cymbal
Killing an enemy has a small chance to cause an explosions that damages other enemies. Having this cymbal in your inventory makes enemy explosions cause Stun. If only there were a similar item that could raise explosion damage too … Sadly, there is none. (Not in the main game …)