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DEF + 3
A shield made of special wood. Doesn’t burn to ashes or raise damage taken when hit by fire-elemental attacks.
DEF + 6
Just an ordinary buckler a knight would use. Or a foot soldier. Or a peasant. Its boring design even makes the most dedicated tank seriously contemplate battle-role alternatives.
DEF + 9
Seriously, what is one supposed to write about common shields? It does its job.
DEF + 3
Raises ATK by 10%. For people who just can’t decide.
Leviathan's ScaleLeviathan’s Scale
DEF + 6
Nullifies fire damage taken. There’s a specific boss battle where this shield can be extremely useful. Try it without!
Mirror ShieldTime Cleaver
DEF + 9
Raises Reflect Rate by 20%. Can also be used to refresh a heroine’s makeup. (No, that’s not an actual feature.)


Meteo Crusher GearMeteo Crusher
Critical Hit Rate + 15%
Crush meteors, moons or your opponents. Even with normal attacks.
Rocket Rage GearRocket Rage
Counter Rate + 15%
A gear for vengeful robots. There are two of these to find, or three if you’ve chosen Tinker.
Vampyric Field GearVampyric Field
Max MP + 6
While the skill is useful too, you may want to use it primarily for the max MP bonus sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with that.
First Aid GearFirst Aid
Prevents Stun, Confuse, Silence and Sleep
The healer gear. Not only does it provide you with the most useful healing skill, it also protects your healer against pesky paralysation effects, so that healing is almost always possible.
Soothing Sphere GearSoothing Sphere
Max HP + 10
Can you see it? The clever design? The percentual effect of Soothing Sphere gets more effective the more HP you have, and this gear raises exactly that! Mind-blowing!
Revitalise GearRevitalise
ATK + 3, DEF + 3, TMP + 3
In case you haven’t noticed yet, Game Master Plus uses British spelling. Blinding, is it not?
Enfeeblement GearEnfeeblement
DEF + 15% / ATK + 15% / Enfeeblement Attack Rate + 15%
There are three versions of this gear — X, Y and Z — with different focuses and thus, different applications.
Corrosive Glue GearCorrosive Glue
Evasion Rate + 15%
You may argue that statistically, evasion is the same as defence. But while you can’t count on evasion when contemplating your options, when you do evade, you also avoid getting debuffed. Plus, it feels awesome.
Filthy Glue GearFilthy Glue
Combo Rate + 15%
As you may realise, the glue gears are linked to the dexterity moves you may perform when your TMP is higher than the enemy’s. This one is the more offensive of the two.
Shut-Eye Gas GearShut-Eye Gas
Sleep Attack Rate + 15%
Put your enemies to sleep on a somewhat regular basis! Unlike sleep in real life, it won’t be very healthy for them.
Aura Barrier GearAura Barrier
Elemental Damage taken − 15%
Please note that elemental damage reduction stacks multiplicatorically (I believe this is actually a Germanism — there you go!).
Time Strain GearTime Strain
Attack Times + 1
Hit your enemy very hard. Then hit him very hard again. Best combined with high TMP and First Aid to chain up to twelve attacks! (Please let me know when that actually happens.)


Revealing ArmourRevealing Armour
DEF + 3
This is why we can’t have equipment display on sprites. (This and the amount of work necessary to implement the feature.)
Knight's MailKnight’s Mail
DEF + 6
An ordinary piece of armour. It looks heavy, but surprisingly, it doesn’t hinder Elsa’s movement at all!
Metal PerfectionEscutcheon
DEF + 9
The perfectly crafted corselet. Someone really knew how to blacksmith — *and* design fashionable armour.
DEF + 3
Halves physical damage taken. Even though this is technically a tier-I armour, it should prove useful even in the lategame.
Rime AdornmentRime Adornment
DEF + 6
Nullifies ice damage taken. It is highly recommended to wear something warm and comfy underneath this rime-covered piece of metal.
Eternal GlintEternal Glint
DEF + 9
An armour imbued with white magic, literally. Makes your enemies reach for their sunglasses (but doesn’t actually cause Blind). You will never need to polish this armour.


Leather WaistcoatLeather Waistcoat
Prevents instant K.O., defensive-lowering debuffs, damage-over-time debuffs
For those who love honest combat (but still didn’t choose Fighter as their class for whatever reason).
Sanguine SilkSanguine Silk
Max HP + 30
Prefer some solid stat boost over fancy effects? Here you go. It’s also red, the favourite colour for a lot of people.
Midnight PrayerMidnight Prayer
Evasion Rate + 15%
A waistcoat made from Titanium Thread that avoids even the most concussive attack. If you get the reference, let me know! Here’s a hint: It’s one of the two most moving games of all time.


Royal RobeRoyal Robe
Physical and Holy Damage taken − 50%
Just an ordinary royal robe Lasse comes equipped with. Befitting a god-chosen sovereign, protects against secular and ecclesiastical sources of damage.
Spellblade UniformSpellblade Uniform
Fire, Ice and Holy Damage taken − 50%
What Spellblades use against their enemies shouldn’t harm them, should it? Therefore, this uniform protects against the three elements mastered by the class during their arduous apprenticeship.


Blobby DropsBlobby Drops
Max HP + 30
Only girls can equip them. Earrings made from an ancient creature of immense wobbliness. Some say it was actually kind of cute. At least make good use of its remains, will you?
Linve's HatLinve’s Hat
Max MP + 6
Only girls can equip it. Why? Maybe more max MP would overpower some male character? Would it look too silly? Or would the hat simply not work because it is a witch’s hat, after all? Nobody really knows.
Ralph's BandeauRalph’s Bandeau
ATK + 3, DEF + 3, TMP + 3
Some old legends speak of Ralph as a hero. Raising his main stats by 3 with a bandeau probably wasn’t the source of his power, but it might have helped a bit.
TMP + 15%
Strangely enough, any human character can wear these regardless of their shoe size. What kind of sorcery is this?
Critical Hit Rate + 15%, Enemy Explosion Damage + 15
I’m constantly thinking about changing its name to ‘Racelet’; I just can’t really settle for a variation of this lame pun.
Handbag of HealingHandbag of Healing
HP Regeneration + 5%
This masterpiece from some famous fashion designer’s 2016 autumn collection does not only emphasise anyone’s feminine side, it also contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
Mighty BeltMighty Belt
Counter Rate + 15%
There’s a little ‘S’ engraved on the buckle. What does it stand for? ‘Super’? ‘Strong’? ‘Sell to the Merchant’?
Adventure RingAdventure Ring
EXP Gain + 100%, Item Drop Rate + 100%
Turns Potions in chests into Great Potions. With this ring, you can, um, prove to normal chests that you’re a true adventuress. That sounds silly, but hey, Great Potions, right? Pro tip: Consider leaving pink chests unopened until you have found this ring.
Rainbow RibbonBlobby Drops
All normal accessory effects combined. Item Drop Rate bonus doesn’t stack.
Only girls can equip it. The static icon can’t show you, but the colours actually flow and change. Beautiful, but also a bit distracting for your battle allies.