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LV99: Why it took 18 Months to design a single Dungeon

Immediately after releasing Game Master Plus, I started working on its successor. It was a journey much longer than expected from the first idea to the full game. In this article, I will give you some more insight into the development of LV99: Final Fortress and explain to you what problems I faced along the way.

Player Motivation

Player Motivation: 12 Aspects of Game Design

What you find fun in a game depends a lot on your personality and experience. But can the elements of a game that players enjoy be generalised or categorised? What does the science say about how to design a game that players cannot put down? Let’s have a look at two theoretical models by Richard Bartle and Nick Yee which describe player types and engaging game elements, respectively.

History and future of Great Potion Games

Great Potion Games: What’s next?

Three games have been released under the label of Great Potion Games: Game Master, Game Master Plus and LV99: Final Fortress. With perfect timing, RPG Maker MZ has been announced and will be released on 20 August 2020. So, what exactly is the future of my game-designing endeavours?