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This is the website of Great Potion Games. Here you find the indie RPGs I make for fun.

I’m also writing blog articles here, so be sure to revisit every once in a while and check them out!

My Games

Game Master cover

Game Master

My first game from 2014. Available for free right here and on a number of platforms (like IndieDB or

Game Master Plus cover

Game Master Plus

The expanded and streamlined remake from 2019. Available on Steam

LV99. Final Fortress cover

LV99: Final Fortress

My most recent game, released on 8 July 2020. Available on Steam

Next up: Wildsilver

The next game, Wildsilver, is in the works. 🙂 There is already a free demo (that turned out to be kind of its own game in a way). Here are some screenshots:

The full game may or may not the features presented in the demo — you never quote know how development goes. But the demo is a pretty good indications of what to expect in terms of gameplay (characters, skills and status effects, items and equipment, enemies, growth and so on).

You should give it a try or watch one of the numberous playthroughs on YouTube.

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If you’re interested in the progress and maybe even want to contribute ideas or your expertise as a playtester, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram!